2019 Dorema Contura Air All Season

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The **Contura** is the very latest modern design for the camper who demands the simplicity of a multi valve air awning with additional space for touring use during all 4 seasons. This latest model is manufactured in the very latest Ten Cate European materials and projects out to 3m in depth. Available in 2 sizes, 330cm and 440cm the new **Contura** also has the option to fit the new air annex which includes an inner tent as standard. There is also the option to purchase and fit additional air bracing beams across the front to create a veranda style effect.


* **Height:** Designed to fit caravans from 235-255cm in height
* **Sizes:** Contura 330 : 330cm x 300cm base and Contura 440 : 440cm x 300cm base
* **Depth:** 300cm
* **Roof beading:** Contura 330 : 330cm + 2 x 20cm and Contura 440 : 440cm + 2 x 20cm
* **Roof and wall material:** Ten Cate All Season coated polyester. Easy to clean
* **Front panels:** 3 or 4 panels can be rolled down or zipped out
* **Side panels:** Door on both the left and right-hand side panels. Both panels can be zipped out.
* **Ventilation:** Mesh ventilation in both side panels
* **Frame:** Easy Air Frame tubes
* **Available colours:** Charcoal/grey
* **Weight:** Contura 330 : Canvas 12kgs without panels, 33kgs with panels and Contura 440 : 16kgs without panels, 37kgs with panels

**Special features:**

* Supplied with rear legs and sewn in cushion pads to create a perfect seal between caravan and awning
* Standard with SafeLock straps

**Optional extras:**

* Mesh side panel
* Mesh front panels
* Spare tubes
* Veranda bars
* Annex with inner tent

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