2024 Dorema Palma

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**Generous extension of your awning!!**

This awning canopy is the latest introduction to the Dorema collection and is designed for the camper who wishes to create an additional extension to their awning. The **Palma** awning canopy will fit all new Dorema full awnings. The canopy is secured to the awning by a plastic figure of 8 profile on the awning canopy. A separate side wall is available for both left and right as an additional cost option. This canopy is made entirely of European Ten Cate material.


* **Depth:** 240cm on floor
* **Roof material:** Ten Cate lightweight coated polyester
* **Wall material:** Ten Cate lightweight coated polyester
* **Frame:** 22mm Galvanised Steel
* **Available sizes:** 750cm up to 1200cm
* **Available colours:** Blue/Grey or Charcoal/Grey
* **Weight:** Approx. Size 7 with steel poles 11.9kgs; Size 7 with aluminium approx. 8.6kgs

**Optional extras:**

* Aluminium Frame UPGRADE
* Side panel

Additional information


Blue/Grey, Charcoal/grey


Full Aluminium Frame, Full Steel Frame


Code 18 (1075-1100cm), Code 19 (1100-1125cm), Code 6 (775-800cm), Code 10 (875-900cm), Code 7 (800-825cm), Code 11 (900-925cm), Code 8 (825-850cm), Code 12 (925-950cm), Code 9 (850-875cm), Code 13 (950-975cm), Code 5 (750-775cm), Code 14 (975-1000cm), Code 20 (1125-1150cm), Code 15 (1000-1025cm), Code 21 (1150-1175cm), Code 16 (1025-1050cm), Code 22 (1175-1200cm), Code 17 (1050-1075cm)