2020 Walker Snow & Fun Plus (Special Caravans!)



To fit the following special caravans : Eriba Feeling, Eriba Touring, Trigano Silver, Burstner Averso Plus and Burstner Premio Plus.

**Snow & Fun Plus** is our very durable winter porch. It has a raised roof rafter so the door of the caravan can be opened without damaging the roof of the porch. The floor measures 240cm wide by 180cm deep, providing welcome extra living space and the convenience of an entrance on either side.

Both sides of the roof include a special vent that can be closed from the outside with a zipped panel.

Extra poles, safety set, are available for safe camping in heavy snow.

**Snow & Fun Plus** is supplied with a steel frame and weighs 23kgs.


* **Depth:** 180cm
* **Width:** 240cm
* **Roof:** Heavy duty PVC
* **Walls:** Heavy duty PVC
* **Frame:** Steel Zinox 25mm
* **Ventilation:** At both sides sides of the roof; can be closed
* **Weight:** approx. 23kgs
* **Easy-Setup lock pads:** Included
* **Draught skirt + Wheel arch cover:** Included
* **Entrance to both sides**
* **Guarantee:** 24 months

**Optional extras:**

* Easy-Lock stormstraps; 2-straps £16.95
* Safety set steel £57.00
* Inner roof £57.00