2024 Dorema President XL280 De Luxe

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**The manufacturer classes this awning as a SEASONAL awning which is suitable for constant use and longer periods, constant use between March and October, this awning is also suitable to use as a TOURING awning which is suitable for Long Touring holidays and short breaks, up to 8 weeks per year between March and September.**

Whether you require a top quality touring awning or a perfect seasonally sited awning, the **President XL280 De Luxe** is actually both. The Ten Cate All Season designer canvas is equipped with an extra coating to help reduce adhesion of dirt to the canvas which can enhance the longevity of the awning. The **President XL280 De Luxe** is equipped as standard with window blinds for extra privacy as well as double anchor hook fittings to allow the mud flap to be placed either inside or outside.


* **Depth:** 280cm
* **Roof material:** Ten Cate All Season coated polyester, printed on the inside with a beautiful design
* **Wall material:** Ten Cate All Season designer awning fabric, heavy quality coated polyester
* **Front panel:** Both front panels are fitted with doorways and can be rolled down or zipped out, the windows are fitted with night blinds as standard
* **Side panels:** Both panels are fitted with 2 doorways and can be zipped out, both the right and left hand side panels are fitted with a fly screens and external night blinds as standard
* **Framework:** 28mm EasyGrip steel frame as standard, 2 extra roof support poles in sizes 10-22 and 2 extra front legs in sizes 15-22
* **Available sizes:** 775cm up to 1200cm
* **Available colours:** Charcoal/Grey
* **Weight:** Size 6 (775-800cm) Approx. 41kgs inc steel framework
* **Ventilation:** A ventilation opening in the ridge of the front panel that can be closed with a zipped panel, on both the right and left hand side panel you will find a fly screen panel
* **Standard equipment:** Quick Lock pads, Draught Skirt, Wheel arch cover, Pegs, Pegging bands, Peg bag, Pole bag, Canvas bag and Curtains

**Specific features of President XL280 De Luxe**

* Fitted with external night blinds to all windows
* Fitted with double anchor hooks to have the mud flap fitted internal or external to your preference
* Annex fitted with double zip system, this enables you to put the side panel back into the annex once the annex is zipped into the main awning (**not possible if using an inner tent**)
* Covered zips in matching material for extra protection
* Annexes are designed to fit on either the left or right hand side of the awning
* Fitted with Quick Lock profile
* Fitted with Safelock System
* Fitted with beading for Palma suncanopy

**Optional Extras:**

* Lightweight FibreTech Plus EasyGrip framework (**not recommended for seasonal site use**)
* Annex tall with pointed roof
* Annex tall with pointed roof De Luxe fitted with external doorway
* Inner tent to fit annexes or to be used inside the awning itself
* Veranda pole
* Stormpoles for extra stability
* Extra roof support poles for extra stability
* SafeLock system kit (storm straps for fitting into buckles that are fitted as standard to the front end of the awning)
* Palma front sun canopy
* Starlon carpet

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25mm EasyGrip Steel, 28mm EasyGrip Steel, Aluminium EasyGrip Quick System, FibreTech Plus EasyGrip


Code 18 (1075-1100cm), Code 19 (1100-1125cm), Code 6 (775-800cm), Code 10 (875-900cm), Code 7 (800-825cm), Code 11 (900-925cm), Code 8 (825-850cm), Code 12 (925-950cm), Code 9 (850-875cm), Code 13 (950-975cm), Code 20 (1125-1150cm), Code 14 (975-1000cm), Code 21 (1150-1175cm), Code 15 (1000-1025cm), Code 22 (1175-1200cm), Code 16 (1025-1050cm), Code 17 (1050-1075cm)