Door Frame Lock

Price: £47.49

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Enhance your caravan or Motorhome security with this superior quality Door Lock. Fast and simple to fit, into caravan door frame surround. Simply slides left or right to lock and secure caravan doors, lockers or garage.

Offers added security and has a unique superior sliding design. It also has a robust locking system, and is easy to use and simple to fit, in about 10 minutes.

The lock can either be used left or right hand, and locks in both positions.

These locks should be mounted beside the doorframe and bolted to the side of the caravan by 4 x 6mm bolts, and are hidden by a white plastic clip on cover, measuring 105mm wide by 90mm high, to provide you with a high standard finish.

It is also supplied complete with gasket to prevent moisture ingress. This can be used as a template for drilling.