2020 Walker Concept 240 Demo Model

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**Walker Concept 240 **

The new **Walker Concept** is made of a super strong PVC “All Weather” material; both sides coated and washable.

Whether you find yourself pitched for a month or the entire season strength in canvas is essential. All windows of the **Concept** do have window blinds with zips. Both side panels have full ventilated side mesh windows.

All roof poles are steel 28mm. The **Walker Concept** is available with a projection of 240cm or 280cm.


* **Available sizes:** 900cm
* **Depth:** 240cm
* **Roof:** PVC All Weather , both sides coated : 525g/m
* **Walls + window blinds:** PVC All Weather, both sides coated : 450 g/m
* **Frame:** All steel roof poles are 28mm, others are 25mm.
* **Double mudflap around the awning**
* **Ventilation:** In the ridge to the front and in both sidewalls
* **All windows with window blinds with vertical zips**
* **Panels:** All panels can be rolled down or zipped out. Side panels are interchangeable.
* **Front walls interchangeable:** Easy-Door!
* **Weight:** Size 900cm approx. 60kgs
* **Easy-Setup lock pads:** Included!
* **Draught cloth + wheel arch cover :** Included!
* **Fits aerodynamic shaped caravans**


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28mm PowerGrip Steel, 28mm Standard Steel


885cm (870-900cm), 900cm (886-910cm), 915cm (909-923), 930cm (924-938), 945cm (939-953), 960cm (954-968), 975cm (961-985cm), 990cm (984-998), 1005cm (999-1013), 1020cm (1014-1028), 1035cm (1029-1043), 1050cm (1036-1060cm), 1065cm (1059-1073), 1080cm (1074-1088), 1110cm (1104-1118), 1140cm (1134-1148), 1160cm (1146-1175cm)