Kampa Gale 12v Electric Pump

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**Gale 12v Electric Pump**

12v electric pump designed specifically for use with Kampa AIR awnings. Simply plug into a 12v power source using the extra long cable, set the required PSI and let the pump take care of the rest.

**Example of times to inflate to 9 psi:**

* Rally AIR Pro 260 = 3 min 25 sec
* Rally AIR Pro 390 = 3 min 51 sec
* Ace AIR Pro 400 = 4 min 50 sec
* Frontier AIR Pro 400 = 5 min 58 sec

* Product code : PU0165

**Suitable for use with all Kampa AIR products!!!**

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Gale 12v Pump (PU0165), Gale Pump Carry Bag (PU0165)