Milenco Original Wheelclamp C14

Price: £182.95

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•New and improved… and still the best. Plus, this wheelclamp has won every attack test for the past decade, with exceptional and unsurpassed attack resistance!
•Certified to far exceed Sold Secure Gold and approved to the world’s highest accredited caravan security standard SCM MP03.
•Milenco’s wheelcamp is the very finest in design, quality engineering and construction. The locking mechanisms are built in and with corrosion-proof brass construction and hardened inserts are exceptionally resistant to picking, chiselling and drilling.
•Superior quality features include the best pick-proof, ultra-high security, built in locking mechanism, hardened steel construction to resist sawing and freezing. This is a purposed designed, anti-theft wheelclamp, offering superior security to other devices, can be easily and simply fitted in under 30 seconds. In fact the wheelclamp offers an outstanding combination of high strength and low weight that is unique in the market.
Milenco Wheelclamp Milenco Wheelclamp
•The Locking mechanism has been re-engineered for 2009 making it far easier to line up and consequently much easier to fit.
•Made in the UK. Complete with three keys. Fits both Steel and Alloy wheels. The clamp has a foam back to protect alloy wheels.
– 185 R13
– 175 R14
– 195/70 R14
– 195/70 R15
– 205/65 R15
• 185 R14