Security Hand Rail

Price: £100.95

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This easy to fit, sturdy Hand Rail can be used for extra stability providing easier access and extra security on your Caravan or Motorhome.

It has a unique 3 position twin locking system, which can lock the handle open, outwards or closed across the door offering additional security against break-ins.

This is a superb new product designed to offer far greater safety than a step mounted hand rail which can be prone to tipping over. The Security Hand Rail is mounted on the caravan or motorhome so it is very secure.

It is a superior design and also has a unique double locking design and locks the hand rail both at the top and the bottom, three ways in left and right hand positions, and also whilst extended out from the caravan or motorhome.

Hand Rail is simple to fit, in about 20 minutes and bolted through the wall of the caravan adjacent to the door frame by 8 x 6mm bolts for added safety and security, internally the bold heads are hidden by a clip on cover to provide a high standard finish. It is supplied complete with gaskets, which can also be used for templating and drilling.

The Hand Rail measures 460mm x 80mm top to bottom externally. Internally there are two mounting plates 90mm wide x 105mm high. These are covered by a cosmetically pleasing, white plastic cover. Therefore the space required for mounting on the inside of the caravan or motorhome is 470mm x 90mm. However wall furniture can remain in the central 260mm