2020 Inaca Stela 250

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It’s all about an attractive awning, with a new and refined design and an elegant combination of colours like the greys we use.

The front panels are interchangeable, allowing the front door to be in any position.


* **Available sizes:** To fit caravans from 786cm up to 1235cm
* **Framework:** Campion steel
* **Fixing system:** Hooks to bracket pads no drilling required
* **Depth:** 250cm + 30cm Canopy
* **Removable front panels:** 4 / 6 panels
* **Removable side panels:** Yes
* **Side panel windows:** Removable & Fix
* **Side panel mosquito net:** Yes
* **Roof material:** 280g Ten Cate Printed PVA Polyester
* **Roof colour:** Grey
* **Wall materials:** 260 & 280g Ten Cate Printed PVA Polyester
* **Wall colours:** Silver/Grey
* **Awning skirt:** 420g Polyester PVC
* **Mudflap:** 420g PVC polyester
* **Number of doors:** 3 / 4 doors
* **Window covers:** Yes
* **Curtains:** White
* **Upper ventilation:** Yes
* **Double mudflap:** Yes

**Optional extras:**

* PVC Polyester roof
* UNI storm straps
* Front verandah bar
* Side verandah bar
* Standard room
* Annexe
* Fix-on system
* Fibreglass frame
* Front sun canopy
* Roof liner

Additional information


Fibreglass, Steel


800cm (786-810cm), 825cm (811-835cm), 850cm (836-860cm), 875cm (861-885cm), 900cm (886-910cm), 925cm (911-935cm), 950cm (936-960cm), 975cm (961-985cm), 1000cm (986-1010cm), 1025cm (1011-1035cm), 1050cm (1036-1060cm), 1075cm (1061-1085cm), 1100cm (1086-1110cm), 1125cm (1111-1135cm), 1150cm (1136-1160cm), 1175cm (1161-1185cm), 1200cm (1186-1210cm), 1225cm (1211-1235cm)


Anthracite grey / Light grey