Milenco Gel Bumper Protector

Price: £14.49



Protect the paint work on your Bumper.

Milenco have produced a Gel Bumper Protector, and is available from all good caravan retailers that stock Milenco products.

This product has been developed to address the problem of protecting vehicle�s paintwork; particularly vehicle�s fitted with swan-necked tow-bars.

The Protector is clear and almost invisible when fitted to your bumper, and can be used on any colour vehicle.

With damage to your bumper typically costing �350.00 to repair, the Milenco Gel Bumper Protector represents a very good investment to protect your prized tow-vehicle.

The Gel Bumper Protector is made from a complex co-polymer, on a clear self-adhesive backing. This is the most attractive way to protect your vehicle from damage when hitching you caravan.